The NEW Cellular Restoration Diet

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by Doug Hines

- Tuning Oneself -

Energy Field Purification and embarking on your path of self-mastery and universal expression

"I remember standing on the sidewalk one sunny Brisbane spring in the mid eighties and intuitively realizing that I needed to understand about vibrations and frequencies. At that time I had been regularly meditating for 15 years and while I experienced many powerful benefits from this practice, from somewhere deep inside came a knowing that the next important step in my 'spiritual' journey involved understanding energy bands... 

It was at this time in my research that I had understood that our four lower bodies - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual could be likened to a four string guitar. When each body or energy field was tuned our life flowed harmoniously and when any were 'out of tune' life was not as harmonious. I realized also that we have the free will to consciously tune ourselves or not. Being aware of the bodies as systems of energy simply gave us choice to be tuned instruments and create life as we wished rather than events in life happening randomly.” - from Pranic Nourishment by Jasmuheen

"It is my understanding and conviction that the higher the quotient of Light within the body the stronger our natural ability for cellular regeneration on the purest level. Logically the freer our cellular structure is from all forms of toxicity plus the more Light and the higher the vibration or rate of oscillation of our energy fields, the less possibility of disease, decay and degeneration."  - from Pranic Nourishment by Jasmuheen

To repeat, "Cleansing is about ridding the body of toxicity, enabling cellular regeneration, and energy field retuning. It is about attaining the highest possible fulfillment of what it truly means to be a human being." - Doug Hines


Choose Another Way of Being

"The gathering here is a gathering of unity of hearts is it not? Of hearts that long for peace within and peace without, of hearts that long to know once more the greatness of your being, the unlimited nature of your being." - Arcturius

Do you have an intense desire in your heart to realize your fullest potential as a human being?

"You are a pure, energetic being who has unwittingly, by simply being in the morphonogenic field of mass consciousness, gotten a lot of mud caked on you, both inside and out, including physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If you are reading this sentence it is your time. It is your time to step up and begin the (re)purification process, and restore your frequency / resonance / vibration to a higher level." - Doug Hines