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Homepage -

This website is about Conscious, Intentional Self-Transformation. It’s about a Fasting / Cleansing / Healing / Cell-Renewal way of living.

Introduction -

About purposely fine-tuning our bodies, minds, and spirits, and consciously raising our frequency / resonance / vibration.

Tuning Oneself -

Energy field purification and embarking on your path of self-mastery and universal expression. Enable cellular regeneration, and energy field retuning.

Commitment -

Make cleansing your body the greatest of your life’s goals, and it will pay you back a hundred fold.

Detox Explained -

Detoxification is about making a conscious decision to proactively do something about your health and well-being, and create a new future for yourself.

The Diet Prerequisites -

The earlier one eliminates obstructions and enables nutrient absorption, the greater the overall health benefits. How exercise, sauna sessions, colon hydrotherapy and enemas contribute to the detoxification process.

The Diet -

Choosing and combining foods. Intentionally begin a journey to have better health and a better life.

An Important Book -

The Mucusless Diet Healing System. The most important book you will ever read.

The Lymphatic System -

The Detox Lifestyle is about bringing your bodily systems and organs back to full health and cleaning up lymphatic system congestion / stagnation. 

Fasting -

The right way to fast, and the ill effects of a long fast.

The Healing Crisis -

A normal, beneficial, recurring part of the cleansing process.

Parasites and Fungi -

Infections are a response to your physical condition, and cause additional problems to your health and vitality.

Dental Amalgams -

Toxicity in your mouth - How dental appliances and amalgam fillings affect your overall health.

Fluoride I -

An article by Ben Fuchs regarding the dangers of the toxic chemical fluoride.

Fluoride II -

An article by Dr. Paul Connett regarding the dangers of the toxic chemical fluoride.

Why No Meat -

Why eating meat and pursuing the ‘lie of protein’ causes such damage to your health.

Why No Milk -

We’ve been manipulated into believing that we need cow’s milk for good health. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why No Wheat -

Read about the dangers of eating today's grains.

Questions & Answers -

Regarding detoxification, fasting and why you need to do a cleanse.

Great People -

People I respect and admire in the fields of health study and cleansing one’s body.

Doug’s Personal Page -

About Doug Hines, including ‘Why I Am a Vegan’, and the movie ‘A Life Connected.’

Want World Peace -

World peace is a natural consequence of the robust health and well-being of each individual person. Fine-tune yourself and world peach will just show up naturally.

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The NEW Cellular Restoration Diet - Donate to the site, Subscribe to our mailing list, and Contact Doug Hines.

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The necessary website business legalese.

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