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- The Lymphatic System -

Lymphatic Fluid Congestion and Stagnation

Many people do not realize that, in addition to their arteries and veins, their bodies include an even bigger complex of fluid conduits called the lymphatic system. In fact, the lymphatic system is three to four times larger than the blood system. 

Your body has essentially two interstitial (intercellular - located or occurring between the cells) fluids. While the blood 'nourishes' each of your millions of cells, the lymphatic system's lymph fluid carries away acidic cellular metabolic wastes. These wastes are eventually discharged from the body via the kidneys, colon, skin and associated eliminatory processes.

A major problem develops, however, when the body is inundated by acidic foods, air, water, and skin products. When that happens, the eliminatory filtration functions of the kidneys, colon, skin, etc. are inhibited and the acidic cellular metabolic wastes and ingested environmental toxins accumulate in the thick, sludgy, mucus-like lymph fluid, and start backing up in the entire system. When the backup gets bad enough, cellular damage and cell death can occur via intracellular acidosis.

Lymphatic congestion (acid stagnation) and acidosis (the accumulation of acidic wastes) lead straight to the body's degeneration and hence major health issues. It has been said that lymphatic congestion may be the reason for 90% of all illness. Lymphatic congestion (acid stagnation) begins with kidney weakness which begins with poor diet. The kidneys play a major role in the elimination and filtration of acids out of the lymphatic system.

The Detox Lifestyle is about bringing your kidneys back to full health and cleaning up lymphatic system congestion/stagnation. It is further about bringing all your other bodily systems and organs back to full health. Are you starting to understand the importance of detoxification and the Detox Lifestyle?

Changing to a diet of fruits, berries and melons, and using revitalizing botanical supplementation, cannot alone, transform a sick body into a healthy body. One must first go through a process to clean bodily obstructions (in both your lymph system and as well as your digestive system) via techniques (such as eating 'transition' foods, fasting, exercise, yoga, colon hydrotherapy, and enemas).

As stated elsewhere in this website, your goal is to restore your cells to health and vitality. Adopting a Detox Lifestyle will get you to your destination!

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