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The Optimal Diet To Restore

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This website is about Conscious, Intentional Self-Transformation.

It's About a Fasting / Cleansing / Healing / Cell Renewal Way of Living.

Achieving Health and Vibrancy is Just a Manifestation of One's Progress.

- Start Preparing Yourself for a Greater Journey -

The Core of The Matter...

We exist in an environment filled with toxins.

“All disease, no matter how it manifests or what name it is given, is caused by localized constipation, and/or mucoid plaque or sulfur accumulation and/or lymphatic stagnation, and/or fungal or parasitic overgrowth - most of which inhibit nutrient absorption and all of which are caused by:

  • poor dietary choices
  • poor food combining at the same meal
  • ingestion of meat and/or dairy products
  • ingestion of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides used in agriculture
  • ingestion of sulfur, fluoride and plastics
  • ingestion of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum and arsenic
  • fermentation and putrification caused by eating bad foods
  • gluten intolerance
  • food/juice pasteurization
  • dental appliances and amalgam fillings
  • applying toxic chemicals to your skin
  • acceptance of toxic vaccines
  • using toxic cleaning chemicals and dryer sheets
  • sleeping on toxic, off- gassing mattresses
  • inhaled substances including cigarette and pipe smoke and/or airborne pollutants
  • chewing tobacco
  • consumption of alcohol and drugs 
  • taking (most) supplements and stimulants, thereby adding to the body's accumulated waste, and/or
  • inadequate physical movement (exercise).”    - Doug Hines

In a recent radio interview, a leading researcher in the field of geoengineering, Dane Wigington, explained the ramifications of existing in today's toxic filled world: "Our bodies are now much more conductive. We're absorbing these conductive metal particulates, and that has made us much more susceptible to radio frequencies... If our bodies and our cell receptors have these metal particles attached to them then we more or less become an antenna." That is frightening!

He goes on to say, "If you can't walk out the door and breath without sucking in a lung full of heavy metal you have a problem of the first order, and you're not going to be fighting anything [illness] for long if you don't deal with that."

Detoxification/Fasting/Cleansing/Purging/Healing/Cell-Renewal is about clearing those toxic substances from your body and adopting a healthy diet. It is also about so much more...

Although George Kavassilas was speaking about an entirely different subject, his words ring true for the subject of restoration of your health as well. “Start standing true in your sovereign, infinite nature, and start living from the values and the principles emanating from your heart. We are here to change the way we exist in this reality.” "There's an opportunity for a new version of us to emerge." - George Kavassilas

Finally, Don't misinterpret the word 'Diet' to think that simply eating better foods is the answer. Think of The NEW CellularRestorationDiet as 

  • a quest - a long, sometimes arduous, process or journey to get to, or seek out, a more healthy future - motivated by your strongly felt, fervent desire for positive change; or as
  • a campaign - wherein you work in an active and organized way to achieve better health; or as
  • a Strategic Master Plan - a comprehensive, far-reaching, intentional course-of-action to work in an organized, active way to achieve your goal. 

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