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by Doug Hines

- The Diet Prerequisites -

The Word "Diet" May Be A Misnomer…

No matter how well intentioned, switching to and eating a healthy diet will not, alone, transform your life and future into some ideal, utopic paradise. Ridding your body of waste is equally, if not more important, than healthy eating. Ridding your body of waste is, in fact, the very prerequisite before fueling your body with beneficial foods.

The word "diet" may, in fact, be a misnomer. It may lead you to believe that dietary intake is the sole way to achieve good health. Just replace the bad foods you’ve been eating with your ‘new’ way-of-eating, and let your body gradually do the work to transform your life.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Changing diet alone will not achieve your goal, and in some cases, may make you much more ill than you are now.

You must think of the word ‘diet’ as a three-fold process.

  1. Stop ingesting bad foods. Stop putting other toxic materials in and on your body.
  2. Use specific foods (transitional foods) and other techniques (such as fasting, exercise, yoga, sauna sessions, colon hydrotherapy, and enemas) to coax your body to begin discharging the built-up sludge and debris within, and
  3. Eventually shift your diet to solely eating the healthy foods described on 'The Diet' page.

Think of a car engine analogy. You have to (1) stop putting bad fuel in your tank, 2) clean out the already-existing gunk from your tank, and 3) put new, clean fuel back in. To simply pull up to the fuel pump and pump new, clean fuel into your tank isn’t going to achieve anything at all if you have not performed the first two steps.

The other thing to consider is that the process described above takes time. Don’t ‘flip-the-switch’ in your mind and decide you’re going to begin a new ‘diet.’ Prepare yourself mentally. The transformational process described herein could take years of dedicated work on your part. You want the NEW Cellular Restoration Diet to become a lifestyle, a way-of-being, instead of the launching of a new project in your life.

Decide to make a course-correction from where your life is currently heading. Decide that your current heading is not going to get you where you want to be in ten, or even more, years. Make a conscious choice to create a new future, and do the work involved in making the ‘future shift.’

Intentionally begin a journey to have better health and a better Life.


Before Changing the Foods You Eat, Clear Your Body of Toxins and Obstructions

As I said above, before you begin giving your body better foods, you must use specific foods (transitional foods) and other techniques (such as fasting, exercise, yoga, sauna sessions, colon hydrotherapy, and enemas) to coax your body to begin discharging the built-up sludge and debris within.

Below you will find sections on Exercise, Sauna Sessions, Colon Hydrotherapy and Enemas. Information on Fasting is included on a separate page here.

Exercise is a way to move lymph fluid. As spoken about on 'The Lymphatic System' page, your body has two gigantic systems to take care of your cells. Your circulation system (your blood and associated organs) carries nutrients to feed your cells. Even larger than the circulatory system, the lymphatic system carries waste away from your cells.

Whereas the circulatory system has a pump (your lungs and heart) to move the blood around, the lymphatic system has no such pump. Moving lymph fluid depends on your body movements to encourage the fluid along. Said negatively, if you are not moving your body, lymph fluid stagnates, doesn't take the waste away from your cells, and therefore, contributes to disease formation. Exercise to move your lymph fluid. Read more below.

Dry Sauna Sessions encourage toxins to vacate your body via your largest eliminative organ - your skin. Sweating, followed by a clean water shower, is a tremendous detoxification aid. Read more below.

Colon Hydrotherapy: Most people have years of impacted fecal matter caked on their intestinal walls blocking nutrient absorption and hydration. The blockage causes malabsorption of vital nutrients from your food, water, juice, as well as from any supplements you might be taking. In other words, there's no use spending your money on great, organic food, wonderful spring water, and beneficial supplements - if none of the value of those things is going to get absorbed through your intestinal wall.

Think of it this way... all of that good juice you are drinking may just be rushing onward inside a pipe with clogged walls. If the walls of your GI tract aren't cleaned from all of the years of built up debris, nutrients from your food or juice can never be fully absorbed and utilized by your body. Absorption is of paramount concern in the detoxification process. The earlier one enables absorption, the greater the benefits in juicing and in using cleansing products such as formulas, tinctures, capsules or powders.

Cleaning the Walls of Your GI Tract will Enable Absorption and Hydration, and Purge Your Body of Parasites and Fungal Overgrowth. Note: the subjects of Parasites and Fungal Overgrowth require a little more in-depth education than can be covered in this paragraph. See the above contents tab for 'Parasites & Fungi.' Read more about Colon Hydrotherapy below on this page.

Enemas: Closely akin to Colon Hydrotherapy, although (in my opinion) not as thorough, one uses an enema bag to inject water into one's rectum. See below.



Light, Gentle Exercise is the key... Do no strenuous or arduous workouts.

Very light exercise is vitally important, but you don't want to exhaust yourself either. Joint rotation, moving your arms and legs around, contributes to lymphatic stimulation. Your lymphatic system is actually quite larger than your "blood" system. Unlike your circulatory system, which has a heart to actively pump it's blood, your lymphatic system has no pump to pump it's fluid. It depends SOLELY on your body movement to shift the lymphatic fluid throughout your body. Bottom line?... couch potatoes are full of toxins. Move your lymphatic fluid, increase your oxygen intake, stimulate cell excretion, release tension and stress... all through light daily exercise and deep breathing.

Maybe take a walk outside in the sunlight!

Rebounding...  is an excellent form of exercise while transforming your body!


Followup Exercise With a Sauna Session!

Your skin your largest eliminative organ. As you detoxify, your body will continuously discharge toxins through your skin. Saunas enable you to increase this toxic discharge by "sweating" the poisons out of your body. Any toxins taken out of your body via sweat will ease the burden on your liver and kidneys. Exercise sweating is not a substitute for using saunas. Sweating during exercise does not produce the same result as sitting in a dry sauna. Taking advantage of far infrared saunas to speed the eliminative process and advance your overall cleansing program. Dr. Jeffrey S. McCombs, in his book Lifeforce, states simply: "DON'T DO THE DIET, IF YOU DON'T DO THE SWEATING!" Dry saunas are vital to the detoxification process.

note: Steam rooms, steam baths, hot showers and hot tubs should also not be a substitute for dry saunas. All of these are bad because the steam comes from tap water containing chemicals. Whatever toxins your body releases through perspiration also goes into the steam. Then you inhale the steam and reabsorb the toxins. I don't recommend swimming pools for the same reason. There is nothing like dunking your largest eliminative organ (your skin) in a swimming pool full of chemicals. Also, unlike steam units, dry saunas are less likely to develop mold and fungus.

Immediately after your sauna session take a shower to wash off the sweat and toxins. Towards the end of your shower lessen the hot water to be a bit colder to assist and enable your body's cool-down period.

After taking your shower and immediately after towel drying, sit down, bring your foot up onto your leg, and begin rubbing your foot with your hand. This action will remove dead skin that has loosened up during your shower. Removing that dead skin will serve to enhance your next detox session.


Support Your Cleanse With Colon Hydrotherapy

Doctors a HUNDRED YEARS AGO knew of the Importance of the Cleansing Process...

"Experts in autopsy state they have found that from 60 to 70 per cent of the colons examined have foreign matters such as worms and decades-old feces-stones. The inside walls of the over-intestines are encrusted by old, hardened feces and resemble in appearance the inside of a filthy stove-pipe.

I had fat patients that eliminated from their body as much as 50 to 60 pounds [of] waste, and 10 to 15 pounds alone from the colon, mainly consisting of foreign matters, especially old, hardened feces. The average so-called "healthy" man of today carries continually with him, since childhood, several pounds of never eliminated feces. One "good stool" a day means nothing. A fat and sick man is in fact a living "cesspool".

The 'basement' (colon) of the human 'temple' is the reservoir from which every symptom of disease and weakness is supplied in all its manifestations." - Professor Arnold Ehret, revered as the father of naturopathy


Colon Hydrotherapy - Often Referred to as 'Colonic Irrigation' or a 'Colonic' - Colon hydrotherapy sessions are vitally important to the cleanse/detox/fasting lifestyle. Have a session as often as you can.

Your large intestine, called the colon, is a major part of your eliminative system. It is the area within your body where:

  • vitamins, trace and micro-trace minerals are absorbed
  • water is absorbed, keeping the body hydrated, and
  • wastes, by-products from metabolism, pathogens from your lymphatic system, and excess water pass through for discharge

Years of bad eating eating habits have most likely left the walls of your colon caked with hardened fecal material, undigested, putrefied food matter, and parasites. This "caked on" material clogs the "walls" of your colon and blocks the absorption of nutrients and water through the wall membrane. You could transform your eating habits, begin to eat only wonderfully nutritious foods, and not get any benefit out of your diet at all, if you have not taken the steps to clean the interior "walls" of your colon.

A colonic, often referred to as 'colonic irrigation,' 'colon hydrotherapy' or a 'colon cleansing,' is similar to, but more thorough than, an enema. A colonic is a painless, gentle water cleansing of the large intestine. There is no water "pressure" applied other than gravity feed. You almost don't feel the water inside you at all. It usually takes several colonic sessions to gently wash the caked on muck from your colon wall. 

An analogy is appropriate here. Imagine that you have a dirty baking pan in your kitchen. Imagine your baking pan is encrusted with baked-on lasagna from last night's meal. Now imagine that the only way you have to clean off that baked-on mess is by gently pouring water down along the baking pan. You're not going to remove very much crud in that process are you?

Colon hydrotherapy is a bit like that. One session of a gentle wash of your digestive system is probably not going to accomplish very much. Since the 'gentle flow' of water is the only way to clean away the caked-on debris, you would be smart to schedule as many colonic sessions as you can afford... as often as you can.

Remember... There really isn't much reason to undertake a detoxification program at all if you are not willing to clean out your body's sewer system by cleansing your colon.

Colon hydrotherapy is directly related to detoxification. All the nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical chelators serve to mobilize the toxins throughout your body tissues. Once the toxins reach your colon, if they are delayed in transit by accumulated colon debris (or by constipation), they can be reabsorbed back through the colon wall membrane and back into your blood stream. Colon hydrotherapy helps clean the toxins out before they have a chance to reabsorb.

Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., in her book 'Detoxify or Die,' speaks to this point. "If you are constipated or the gut is not completely healthy, (see her book No More Heartburn for details), the nasty chemical that has been dragged into the gut attached to glutathione does not end up in the (toilet) tank. Instead, the glutathione falls off the chemical and the chemical is now reabsorbed into the body, ready once again to do its damage. However, if you are hosing out the intestine, you reduce the work of the gut and detoxification system, while simultaneously making sure that the nasty chemical is not reabsorbed."

Colon hydrotherapists are experienced, certified professionals who assist your hydrotherapy session. They hold the standards that your comfort and privacy are priorities.

Have at least four colon hydrotherapy sessions during the first two weeks after your dental amalgams are removed. This is the time period when heavy metal toxins will be "stirred up" the most in your system. Sessions should be once a week for the next few weeks, and every two weeks thereafter. Colon hydrotherapy sessions are vitally important.

I also highly suggest that you be proactive during your colon hydrotherapy session. Instead of just lying there and letting the water do the job, use your hands to massage your abdomen. Manipulating your body in this way can aid in dislodging trapped fecal matter from your intestinal walls. You can also ask the hydrotherapist for a vibrator/massage unit that you can use for the same purpose.

To Find a Colon Hydrotherapist in your area use the Search Page of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT).


All About Enemas

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