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by Doug Hines

- Detox Explained -

What Does 'Detoxification' Mean?

Detoxification is a process in which one reverses the effects of:

  • years of eating a poor diet
  • years of alcohol abuse
  • years of taking illicit and pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines
  • years of smoking anything
  • years of putting chemicals on you skin, and
  • years of living in a toxic-filled environment.

"More importantly, detoxification is about making a conscious decision to proactively do something about your health and well-being, and create a new future for yourself." - Doug Hines


Which Do You Want?

At any given time, your body is either:

  • Accumulating / Processing, or
  • Detoxing / Cleaning / Purging / and then Rebuilding

Every bite you take shifts the balance one way or the other.


Live a Detox Lifestyle

Now more than ever, especially with today's continual onslaught of environmental toxins, detoxification needs to be a continual way of being - not something you do once in a while. The point is to adopt a new life-focus, a new way of being which supports your decision to clean up your body.

Detoxification is not doing a week or even a month's long clean out process. It's not some time-constrained program that you do and then graduate from. Detoxification is undertaking a shift in your way of being to purposely enable your body to naturally rejuvenate and regenerate your cells. Detoxification is a process whereby, at the cellular level, under the right conditions, your body will naturally undergo it's own purging processes. 

The effects of these purging processes are sometimes (in my opinion, wrongly) referred to as a 'healing crisis.' A healing crisis is simply how the body 'throws off' the 'bad stuff'. For example, if the body requires a rise in temperature in order to enable the release of some particular toxin, you may get a fever. The fever is just the normal bodily process. Don't interfere with it.

If you choose to undergo a detoxification process please understand that you will undoubtedly be subjecting yourself to these naturally occurring, sometimes very unpleasant, healing side effects. Read about the 'healing crisis' using the contents tab above.

Short term detoxification is a joke. Seven-day, and even a month's long detox program are laughable. After a month, your body is just getting started on its step-by-step, layer-by-layer, cell-bycell process of uncovering and discharging toxins. Although its true that you can usually feel benefits within the first few days, it can take months and months, and maybe even years to really rid your body of bad stuff and rejuvenate and regenerate your cells.

A further debilitating effect of a short-term detoxification program is that, after the so-called 'conclusion' of the program, most people think they have reached a successful end and are therefore free to go back to their original way of eating. They ignore the fact that the body most probably still has 'layers' of detoxification yet to come, and in stopping their detox, they'll never uncover these deeper layers.

"For the ordinary person it will require from one to three years of systematically continued fastings and a natural, cleansing diet, before the body is actually cleansed of 'foreign matters'." - Professor Arnold Ehret, revered as the father of naturopathy

So the bottom line is, if you are REALLY interested in cleaning up your body, plan to undertake a new way of being to support your body's natural detoxification processes. Instead of setting aside a few days or weeks to do a detox plan, change your whole way of being to support your purpose. Decide that, forever more, you are going to adopt a clean diet to enable your body to clean itself out naturally. Undertake a dietary way-of-living of eating only raw fruits and non-complex vegetables (non-starchy, less dense, green, leafy vegetables), along with periodic fasting. 

Furthermore, emphasize fruits over vegetables. Simply put, fruits 'feed' your brain and nervous system, while vegetables support your structure. Fruits promote detoxification. Vegetables slow detoxification.


It's Simple...

  • Find a qualified health practitioner to monitor your progress
  • Eat a diet of predominately fruits, berries, melons, herbs and the roots turmeric and ginger, and to a lesser degree... less dense green leafy vegetables, sea vegetables, and red clover sprouts
  • Follow the food-combining techniques shown on 'The Diet' page
  • Periodically use fasting and botanical tinctures and capsules to assist in detoxification and parasitic purging
  • Sweat as much as you can by being outside or by being in a dry sauna
  • Have periodic colon hydrotherapy and/or enema sessions to clean out your lower intestinal tract
  • Work with your medical practitioner to lessen or stop nonessential medications
  • Stop smoking - anything
  • and obviously... Avoid bad foods


Attention Diabetics...

"I would always advise the assistance of a qualified healthcare practitioner who can help guide you through the detoxification process. It is vital that you watch your blood sugar levels. They can drop very fast and you do not want to give yourself too much insulin when your blood sugars are more normalized. This could put you into a coma." - Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. - The Detox Miracle Sourcebook pg. 162

"The speed at which most nutritional benefits appear when switching to a WFPB (Whole Foods, Plant-Based) diet is jaw-dropping. Diabetics must be monitored from the very first day they adopt the diet, so their meds can be reduced as the diet takes effect. Otherwise, they're in real danger of having their blood sugar drop low enough to send them into hypoglycemic shock." - Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD. - Whole - Rethinking the Science of Nutrition pg. 17


Preparation - Rethink Everything...

Reconsider everything you have been putting IN or ON your body. 

It would make no sense whatsoever to undertake a detoxification lifestyle if you haven't considered restricting or limiting your original toxic overload. Either find substitute, healthy products, or stop using products completely.

Seriously consider every product you use on your skin. Such products can include shampoos, hair sprays, hair dyes, soaps, nail polishes, deodorants and all forms of cosmetics. 

Question the contents of other products which you might come into contact with like air fresheners, hand cleaners, hand dish washing liquids and lawn and garden chemicals. What kind of toxins are you using to wash and dry clean your clothes? Are you using toxic clothes dryer softening cloths?

Ascertain a product's ingredients, and upon finding potential toxins, stop using those products altogether.

And a little good advice...

Thoroughly investigate and study your water source before beginning this lifestyle.

Also find a Colon Hydrotherapist in your area who can assist you with the cleansing process.


And To Repeat...

Those who offer the 'quick fix' cleansing/detoxification/fasting programs that advertise "Cleanup and Detox Your Body in Seven Days" are doing a disservice to people. 

True cleansing can only take place over a very long time. Use your common sense... True cleansing, i.e. cleansing and detoxification of the thousands of cells in your body, is a gradual process. 

"The self-healing power of the body is often overlooked because it is rarely given a chance to act in a world that expects the quick fix." - Joel Fuhrman, M.D.